Money Museum

An intriguing look into the long history of Chinese cash

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Sounds pretty boring, a money museum, but such is the variety of Chinese dosh that has been used over the ages that this place is actually quite cool. Did you know, for example, that the Chinese used to use knives strung together around their necks as a kind of money necklace? Or that spade-shaped coins were once the favoured form of loose change?

You’ll see pure-gold nugget coins, coins inscribed with beautiful Chinese characters and all five series of the modern-day renminbi, only two of which are still in circulation. The Numismatic Museum (to use it’s official name) is right beside Tiananmen Square. Other museums worth visiting round here include the Police Museum, and the Railway Museum.

17 Xijiaomin Xiang, west off Tiananmen Square

Nearest subway:
Tiananmen West (200m)

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At A Glance

17 Xijiaomin Xiang, west off Tiananmen Square
9am-4pm (closed Mon)

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