Molokai Plumerias

Scent a mile away

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You’re aware of Molokai Plumerias long before you see it. The five-petaled blossoms perfume the air for hundreds of yards around the 10-acre spread.

Sometimes called frangipani, the plumeria is especially fragrant at night when it attracts exotic moths.

The plumerias you see at weddings in New York or Miami, are likely to come from here. And when you see the lovely bloxxoms in fancy hotels in Wailea or Honolulu, they probably came from here. Plumeria leis anywhere in the world may have their source in this little Moloka‘i farm not far from Kaunakakai. Most of them are the classic yellow and creamy white blossoms, but a few are pink, mauve or even red.

Lei workshops are held most weekday mornings. Call for a reservation to visit.

At A Glance

1342 Maunaloa Hwy.
Kuanakakai, Molokai
Tours by appointment.

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