Molly Kathleen Gold Mine

Bring home gold from a Cripple Creek mine

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Remnants of the Old West gold-mining era do remain in and around Cripple Creek, especially in the Molly Kathleen Mine. During the one-hour tour you will ride in an elevator down a 1,000-foot
shaft into the mine.  (It’s not a ride
for the claustrophobic.)

Walking through
parts of the gold mine, you’ll learn what it was like to be a miner in the
1800s. We were lucky on one tour because it was led by a man who had actually
worked in the mine.

During the tour, you’ll actually see threads of gold
still embedded in the rock walls. Part of the tour is on an air-powered train
and you’ll see -and hear- how some of
the air-powered mining equipment works.

The mine is only open late spring through early fall, weather
permitting, so check the schedule on the website.

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At A Glance

9388 HWY 67
Cripple Creek 80813
Adults $20; Ages 3-12 $12

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