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Home of the Warrior Queen Urraca of León and Castile

Meaning dry mill, Molinaseca is an appealing small town along the Rio Meruelo. But its fame is less as a mill and more as the home of Queen Urraca I (1079-1126).

She is an historical figure who expressed a good deal of the ancient Iberian matriarchal culture that was prevalent here prior to contact with the more patriarchal cultures of Roman, North Africa, and even the Castilians.

To protect her lands and right to rule, Urraca led battles against the king of Aragón, Alfonso I, who was also her husband, and defended Zamora, just south from here, from attacks launched by her brother, Sancho II, the king of Castile and León from 1065-1072.

Today pilgrims enjoy lingering in this small and tranquil town for its beauty, riverside setting, and good facilities.

The Camino continues toward Ponferrada.

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