A home cooked meal like “mother” would make

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In Dutch “moeders” means mothers, so when you visit the restaurant Moeders you can expect a good, home-cooked meal. When the restaurant opened in 1990, the owner asked every guest to bring a plate, cup, and cutlery. The mix-match of service pieces is what you will find in the restaurant today, as well as a healthy selection of photos of mothers.

The restaurant specialises in traditional Dutch food and one (side) dish you will want to try out is stamppot. If you are ever invited to a Dutch home for dinner, you are likely to be served meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Don’t be surprised when your host then attacks his or her plate with a fork mashing the potatoes and vegetables together. This is, more or less, stamppot.

The vegetable of choice is usually endive but other varieties also exist (a mix of carrots, potatoes, and onions is known as hutspot). You can also find stamppot in ready made portions in the supermarket, but it doesn’t compare to the freshly made version.

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Rozengracht 251
Amsterdam 1016 SX
( 31) 02-0626-7957
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