Mission Pie

Pie you can feel good about going off your diet for

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The young people who work at Mission Pie don’t just ring up your purchases—they also participate in growing the fruit and vegetables that burst from the innards of your tasty treat. All of which was grown sustainably on a farm in Pescadero. Besides having a genius business model that actually gives back to the community, the actual pies are off the hook.

Even if you don’t like vegetable pies, or sweet ones for that matter, you can also have a cup of joe (while the kiddos sip organic milk and play with toys), a savory veggie pie or a hunk of apple that will make granny’s dessert seem amateur. Yep, these kids will make you want to start forcing your child into the kitchen more often.

BART: 24th.

At A Glance

2901 Mission Street
San Francisco
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