Minuteman Rail Trail

The Biggest Bike Trail in Boston

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If you’ve ever wanted to be in a world dominated by bikes.  To ride with so many cyclists you’ll grow hoarse from asking them to pass on the left, this may very well be the place you’ll do it. It is not precisely mountain biking but there are in fact pirate trails which may or may not still exist which branch off the paved main trail. One of the only things that draws your attention away from simply riding on this trail is the many roads it crosses on the Lexington end of things, but this is a small quibble next to the great gift that this trail is to the area. Plan on an increasingly urban cycling experience the closer you get to the city- but the nice views are also undeniable.

Also undeniable is the prominence of this trail in the Boston cycling culture. No, it may not be a place you’ll want to go when you could be visiting some of the great State Forests around the area. But you’ll ride there. A significant number of people ride it every day in commuting to work.

After you ride Landlocked Forest, get a taste of this trail by riding to Ride Studio Café from the trailhead in Bedford!

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