Miette Hot Springs

Soaking & the Sulphur Skyline (5hrs/hard/8.6km)

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A good way to round off a day in the mountains is with a soak in the Miette Hot Springs, 58km northeast of Jasper. Bubbling away at 54ºC, they’re the hottest springs in the Rockies, but thankfully they are cooled to a less scalding 40ºC for swimmers.

Also at the Hot Springs is the trailhead for the hike up Sulphur Skyline (5hrs • hard • 8.6km return). This challenging hike is among the best day hikes in the Rockies and one of the few relatively easy mountains to summit. From the top are spectacular views of the Fiddle River Valley, Utopia Mountain and Ashlar Ridge. Note, afternoon thunderstorms are frequent here, so best start out early.

At A Glance

Hot springs prices: Adults $6.05, Kids & Seniors $5.15; swimsuit Rental$1.90, towel Rental $1.90, locker Rental $1.00


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