True Amish Living

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Middlebury itself is a gem of a town—immaculate with stores that have been in the same family for generations and picture perfect Queen Anne and Gothic Revival Homes.
Take a peek could be considered a functioning museum but what is, in reality, a store. Gohn’s (founded in 1904 and owned by the same family since) is where the Amish buy their clothes (glass and wood cases hold the felt and straw hats worn by the Amish men), bolts of cloth used to make the plain clothing that they wear line both sides of the walls.
In the back, an Amish woman, wearing a bonnet, sits at a sewing machine making the black shawls the women throw over their shoulders to ward off the chill air. The floors are wood, the ceiling made of pressed tin.
Across the street, The Cinnamon Stick offers antiques and collectibles and is a fun place to browse. The store also offers detailed maps of the region for those who want to do a little more exploring.
Stop at Old Hoosier Meats, housed in a historic building, which sells meats, cheeses and specialty foods such as Boar’s Head products. Be sure to try their special recipe smoked jerky, smoked ribs (fresh on Thursday’s), and slow cooked brisket (fresh on Friday’s). Try the pies at on Main Street at the Village Inn Restaurant.
Be sure to go exploring with stops at Krider Gardens, Das Dutchman Essenhaus, Bonneyville Cemetery and Bonneyville Mill.

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