Merchant Adventurers’ Hall

Business and entrepreneurial hub – medieval-style

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Local tradespeople formed a religious community to build this guild centre in 1357. Members transacted business here, met socially, prayed and looked after the poor within its walls.

Most of the semi-timbered building dates from 1357-1361, the earliest building of its kind in Britain.

The building is tucked away off Fossgate in its own gardens. You’ll notice that it is lower than the modern buildings around, on the level of medieval York. The three parts of the building reflect different purposes.

  • Great Hall Business and socialising
  • Chapel Religious worship
  • Undercroft Charitable work for the poor and sick.

The 650-year-old Hall also contains collections of furniture, paintings and silver and sometimes hosts historical exhibitions.

Now the building is also sometimes still in use for events such as receptions and weddings.

TIME Allow 1-2 hours

NEARBY Fossgate, Shambles;
The Hairy Fig, El Paradiso el Cibo restaurant

At A Glance

York YO1 9XD


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