Kitsch, Italian-themed Jumeirah mall

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One of Dubai’s quirkier malls, Mercato is a nice place to shop and an even better place to get an idea of the lengths to which Dubai will go to dress up the retail experience. The mall is themed as a kind of miniature medieval Italian city, its central arcade lined with kitsch, brightly coloured palazzi, while side passages (complete with faux-Italian names) lead off to a pair of miniature courtyards to either side – the whole fake-Florentine fantasy given a surreal twist by the crowds of Emirati ladies shopping for designer fashions, and their robed husbands, who can usually be found hanging out over coffee in Starbucks.

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At A Glance

Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah
(04) 344 4161
Daily 10am-10pm

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