Jardin du Val Rahmeh

Sub-tropical garden in the heart of Menton

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Located with walking distance of Menton centre, this exotic garden with an exceptionally mild micro-climate was created around the splendid Val Rahmah Villa during the 1930s.

Named for Lady Radcliffe

This wonderful terraced garden now belongs to the Natural History Museum of Paris. Formerly owned by wealthy English residents Lord Radcliffe and his wife Rahmeh who lived here around the turn of the 20th century and set out the first garden. A later owner, Miss Maybud Campbell, extended it by acquiring some adjacent land.

700 Species of plants and trees

Opened to the public in 1967, there are over 700 species of Mediterranean, tropical and sub-tropical plants and trees. They include citrus, guavas, avocados, olive trees and palm trees. There is even a rare and sacred tree from Easter Island, the Sophora Toromiro, now extinct in the wild.

Dont miss: the wonderful views of both Menton and the sea from the terraces.

At A Glance

Jardin botanique exotique Val-Rahmeh
Avenue Saint Jacques
33(0)4 93 35 86 72

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