Mechanics Monument

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Sculptor Douglas Tilden’s bronze Mechanics Monument was dedicated on May 15, 1901 for a turn-of-the-century Market Street beautification program. Over 100 years and several large earthquakes later, the sculpture still stands at the intersection of Market and Bush. Appropriately, the Great Quake of 1906 did little damage to the sculpture, though it leveled the buildings surrounding it. The work features a group of Herculean men working an industrial device, a tribute to the iron workers of the Pacific Coast. Two years after the sculpture was dedicated, President Theodore Roosevelt stood in front of the structure and delivered a speech on trade expansion. The Mechanics Monument is part of a three-piece art set that includes the Admission Day Monument (Market at Montgomery) and the California Volunteers Memorial (Market at Dolores).

At A Glance

Market Street at Bush
San Francisco 94111


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