MBMG Mineral Museum

1,000 rocks of the ages

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If you dig rocks, the MBMG Mineral Museum on the south edge of the Montana Tech campus is a real gem. Just about every type of mineral on Earth – and some not native to the third rock from the sun – are on display for hard-core fanatics and curiosity seekers alike in a cavernous room where 1,000 artifacts sparkle.

Naturally, many of the exhibits come from the neighborhood and elsewhere in Montana: A smoky quartz cluster called Rheanna’s Star found near Butte, a 27½-ounce gold nugget also unearthed near The Mining City, and the brilliant blue Yogo sapphire found only in a single gulch in central Montana. But gems from the rest of the planet are on display, too, including meteorites that dropped in unannounced.

What’s also shakin’ at MBMG? An earthquake exhibit that tracks Montana’s frequent seismic activity.

At A Glance

1300 W Park St.
Butte 59701

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