Maungauika / North Head

Magnificent harbour viewpoint threaded with tunnels and gun emplacements

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On a fine day, Auckland has no better spot to picnic on the
grass than North Head, a small long-extinct volcano with views out past
Rangitoto Island to the Hauraki Gulf beyond. Yachts ply the glistening waters
as fast-ferries blast out to Waiheke Island and the odd container ship chugs
Paths encircle the hill both at sea level and higher up
among the abandoned gun batteries and tunnels. The “disappearing guns” (which
used the recoil to hide themselves) date back to the 1880s when the opening of
the Russian port of Vladivostok scared the wits out of the New Zealand
government who established a defence post here. You can learn more by watching
a short movie that runs continuously in a former watch post. 

At A Glance

18 Takarunga Road
Devonport Auckland 0624
daily 6am to 8pm

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