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The scope of Bindu Media’s Maui section takes in Maui, the main vacation island, but also Lana‘i and Moloka‘i. All of them, with Molokini and Kaho‘olawe, are considered Maui Nui — or greater Maui. Looking at the big picture, they were once a single land mass.

They are all part of Maui County, and have one mayor and a county council. Maui towns do not have separate mayors. The county seat is in Wailuku in Central Maui.

Visitors on Maui can take the ferry from Lahaina to Lana‘i for a day’s visit or overnight stay. For Moloka‘i you’ll have to fly, either directly on Makana Air, which offers day trips from Maui, or by going through Honolulu.

These two quiet islands compliment the resort experience on Maui. On Lana‘i, it’s world-class golf and a choice of a luxury Four Seasons Resort at Holupo‘e Bay or small Hotel Lanai in the little town of Lana‘i City.  (Another Four Seasons property, the upcountry Lodge at Koele, is closed during extensive resort renovations on Lana‘i.)

On Moloka‘i, it’s the quiet laid-back pace of an island pretty untouched by tourism. The Friday ‘ukulele jam shows you the aloha spirit. It’s the “last Hawaiian place” as the locals like to say.

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