Maui Downhill

Many years, many riders

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Maui Downhill pioneered the ride-down-the-mountain concept on Haleakala in 1983. Since then, the company has guided more than 1 million visitors over a cumulative 11 million miles on its custom-made bikes.

Two sunrise options are offered — all the way to the summit in the wee hours with a pick-up at the hotel, or you can meet the van at Downhill’s Kahului office and see the summit at first light. Either way, you’ll bike down from 6,500 feet just outside the park entrance. A value day offers just the bike ride from the staging area. And if you’re really keen on the adventure, you can do the downhill bike ride twice. Another option is to end the bike tour at with a tasting at MauiWine (formerly Tedeschi).

If you’re keen on sleeping in, you can choose the sunset tour.

A continental breakfast starts the morning adventure and most bike tours take breaks for photo opportunities and a no-host lunch.

Tour guides provide information about the history, geology and living things on Maui.

At A Glance

Haleakala National Park
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Early to late morning or afternoon

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