Martina Franca, Puglia

Baroque Town

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Martina Franca, 15 kilometers from Alberobello, is one of the largest towns in the area, with a population of about 50,000. From the large Piazza XX Settembre, the former market square, head through Arco Santo Stefano (one of the old town gates) into the old town. Once through the gate you’ll be in the triangular Piazza Roma, dating from 1668, where you’ll find the tourist office inside the huge Palazzo Ducale.

In the center of the old town, on Piazza Plebiscito, are the cathedral and clock tower.The cathedral, Basilica di San Martino, is noted for its tall facade of 42 meters. Martina Franca has many fine examples of Baroque architecture including the mid-18th century churches of Carmine and San Domenico. Five of the old town gates and several towers can still be seen, too.

Martina Franca can be reached by public transportation on the Trains of the Southeast rail line. Market day is Wednesday.

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Martina Franca


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