Martel: Tourist Railway

Chemin de Fer Touristique de Haut Quercy

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Located at the Gare de Martel just out of the town centre the Chemin de Fer Touristique du Haut Quercy (CFTHQ) is a non-profit making organisation founded in 1991 to safeguard the old railway from Martel to St Denis Lès Martel.

During WW2 the line was used to transport truffles hence the affectionate name pf ‘Le Truffadou‘ given to the railway by the locals.

There are five employees and two hundred volunteers who look after this section of railway which is very popular with tourists visiting the Quercy. You can choose whether you ride on the steam train or the diesel which passes along the Dordogne River via the 80m/262ft high cliffs near Mirandol.

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