Marine Biological Lab

A paradise for unmitigated sea nerds

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Marine Biological Lab, a Nobel laureate-stuffed institution in Woods Hole, was founded in 1888 with “seventeen biologists and a rowboat,” according to lore. It has grown to an international center where research revolves around marine organisms and the salty main itself and how they can improve human health and address larger environmental issues. The 275-member staff swells yearly by an additional 1,400 visiting scientists and students from around the globe.

Plan at least a week ahead ahead and land one of only 15 spots on the popular tours — you’ll see creatures used in research, an insider’s look at the campus, and an informative video. Catch a special lecture or seminar and you might find yourself plumbing the depths of such topics as how to die young late in life, or whether to feed the world or save the environment, and diplomatic relations in animal-bacterial symbioses.

At A Glance

7 MBL Street
Woods Hole
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Open June through Aug. Weekday tours in summer at 1 and 2pm.

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