Margie’s Candies

Hulking, hot-fudge slathered sundaes

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Everyone from Al Capone to the Beatles has sunk a spoon into Margie’s ice cream sundaes. The retro, neon-lit soda fountain has been scooping since 1921; the wall photos show who has slid into the booths for a dip or three. Fantastically thick, rich, voluminous hot fudge – served in its own silver pot – is the draw. Burgers and sandwiches are menu sidebars to the 50 massive
sundaes on offer. There are house-made chocolates, too, hence the
establishment’s name and hot fudge skills.

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At A Glance

1960 N Western Ave
Chicago 60647
sundaes, sandwiches $4-8
9am-midnight daily

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