Walk through the center of the colorful earth

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The Mapparium is an oddball piece of historical artwork that defies categorization. It’s a room-size, 600-piece, hand-crafted glass globe at the Mary Baker Eddy Library (next to her Christian Science Church).

On first impression, the colorful, illuminated map is certainly lovely. But take a closer look. Do you see Hawaii? Thailand? The North or South Pole? While the luminescent map was accurate in 1935, a lot has changed since then. It’s a great lesson in geopolitical boundary making and in the ever-changing nature of the world.

Another wicked cool feature: a whisper at one end of the globe can be easily heard ’round the world. Try it out.

Finally, if none of that gives you a charge, think about this. When was the last time that you walked across the equator?

T: Symphony/GreenE

At A Glance

210 Massachusetts Avenue
adults $6; seniors & youth $4; under 6 is free
Open Tues-Sun 10-4

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