Many Glacier Horse Corral

Giddy-up on horseback at Many Glacier

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From the Many Glacier horse corral, riders tour impressive scenery. Blocky, sculpted mountains rise from lakes that used to be glaciers. Waterfalls plunge down steep-walled canyons. Yellow columbine line the trails, and eagles fly overhead.

In the early days of Glacier National Park, tourists rode horses through the mountains. Now, you can tour the stunning landscape on horseback in the same way early park visitors did.

Swan Mountain Outfitters runs the Many Glacier horse corral. Their guides lead one-hour to all day trail rides. Tours go to six different destinations, most of them charming lakes. Trail rides go out mid-June through mid-September.

Wranglers favor the two-hour ride to Cracker Flats, the site of an old mining town on Sherburne Reservoir. From the location today, the lake reflects surrounding peaks.

With heavy concentrations of grizzly bears in Many Glacier, wranglers keep an eye out for them on trail rides. Also, riders may have a chance of spotting moose or pine marten.

In the morning, the jingle of the horses wakes lodgers staying in mountain view rooms at Many Glacier Hotel. To find the corral, climb the hill behind the hotel. Make reservations to guarantee a horse.

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Many Glacier
Glacier National Park Montana
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