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You can easily miss it, so beware. The famous statue features a small boy doing what boys everywhere do. Quite why he is doing it is much disputed, just listen to all the stories and pick your favourite. At various times of the year and for many different reasons, he’s dressed up – it may be as Elvis, Napoleon Bonaparte or Santa Claus. The strip of the Belgian national football (soccer) team, The Red Devils is always popular. There are four of five of the best-known chocolate shops surrounding it, unsurprisingly, so if you want to stock up, now’s the time.

You could always buy a corkscrew in the shape of the young lad from one of the tourist-trap souvenir shops. I don’t have to draw you a picture of where the screw part is located, do I?

Metro Stop: Bourse

At A Glance

rue de l'Etuve
Brussels 1000

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