Manitou Cliff Dwellings

800-year-old Anasazi (Ancient Ones) dwellings

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The cliff dwellings are actual Anasazi (Ancient Ones) dwellings that are more than 800 years old. (They have been moved here from the original site in the Southwest.)

You can enter the dwellings and tour the three-story Pueblo style Anasazi museum. There is also an outdoor archaeological and natural history preserve with reproductions of a stone mesa-top building.

(True, it’s not like visiting Mesa Verde but it’s a solid introduction to the ancient Puebloan culture).

At A Glance

10 Cliff Rd
Manitou Springs 80829
$9.50 tax adults, $8.50 plus tax for seniors and $7.50 tax for children 7-11
May-August 9am-6pm; check website for shorter hours rest of year

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