Mammoth Cave National Park

This is deep, man

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As home to the longest cave known in the world today, you have to see Kentucky‘s Mammoth Cave to believe it. With 356 miles of known cave trails, the explorers are still finding new links everyday. See the amazing stalactites, stalagmites and formations that were created millions of years before you were born. The park offers tons of guided tours to cover what you need – easy, hard, long, short. Just check the website to see what works for you. Not so interested in going underground? Surprisingly, Mammoth Cave offers 70 miles of wooded trails and 52,000 acres of secluded natural preservation, as well as spelunking adventures.

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1 Mammoth Cave Parkway Mammoth Cave
Varies per tour.
The park is open every day of the year (except Christmas Day) from 8-5.

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