Mali Losinj

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Mali Losinj dates back to the 12th century when twelve Croatian families settled in the eastern bay of Saint Martin. Today, Mali (little) Losinj is the island’s biggest town with a population of around 7,000.

In the past Veli Losinj (Velo – large) was bigger than Mali Losinj (Malo – little). Thanks to its position in the Bay of Losinj, Mali Losinj developed faster but the names stuck. So ‘little’ Losinj is actually ‘big’ Losinj. Make sense?

With former sea merchants villas and town houses lining the long harbour, and surrounded on one end by thick forests and fragrant gardens, this town is like an oasis and my favourite place on the whole Adriatic.

The specially designed Museum of Apoxyomenos on the harbour is dedicated to the statue of the same name, pulled from the seabed near Losinj in 1999. This 192cm Greek bronze depicts an athlete scraping dirt off his body and is thought to be from the 1st or 2nd century BC.

The Fritzi Palace houses the Fritzi Gallery, part of the Losinj Museum, with a collection of 16th to 20th century artworks by mostly Italian masters along with a 20th century collection by Croatian masters.

For pretty pebbly beaches try Suncana Uvala and Cikat. There are numerous resort hotels around the beaches with a diving centre, Diver Sport Centre at Cikat along with a windsurfing and sailing centre.

For walking trails around Cikat Forest. Pick up a brochure at the Tourist Office at Priko ulica 42. Check at the office for day trips to the neighboring islands, particularly sandy Susak.

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Priko ulica 42
Mali Losinj 51550

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