Maison Antoine

Belgian Fries (seriously)

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Three generations of the Antoine family have kept this small but perfectly formed friterie/fritkot (French and Dutch for fry shack or chip shop) going.

Possibly the most famous and definitely disputed as the the best, because the Belgians take their fried potatoes seriously. After all ‘French’ fries were actually invented in Belgium – something the French like to keep quiet about. Made from the finest Belgian potatoes (Bintje) and cooked three times in beef fat (sorry vegetarians) these are some of the finest frites available to humanity.

On a busy summer evening, expect to queue for up to 40 minutes. This is a job best taken in shifts, with plenty of bars around from which to observe the party member who got the short straw. Once purchased, repair to any of the bars on the square showing a sign saying “frites acceptées” (fries allowed). They’ll even give you a paper napkin and clean up after you. Consider trying the ‘mitraillette’ too – well over half a baguette filled with your choice of meat, a huge dollop of sauce and fresh, tasty frites. Probably best to only do one of these in a week’s visit!

Note: As of April 2016, the hut is being replaced temporarily by a large food truck, while they renovate the market square. The food is still excellent, have no fear. the new square is expected to be ready sometime in 2018 and the new Maison Antoine is being built, as promised.

At A Glance

Place Jourdan 1
Brussels 1040

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