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Mae Mai Pleng Thai is a record label with a few different shops, including one right in the middle of MBK on the ground floor. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the fact that there’s not a word of English anywhere. Whether upcountry, soundtrack, or mellow and jazzy, these classic Thai tunes from the ’50s through the ’80s are a much-needed respite from the cheesy pop music morass heard in almost every shop and nightspot around town.

The CD cases look like old movie posters and album covers from the early ’60s. There are 84 of them released so far and they’re all 200 baht or less. We recommend #35, an album by glamorous ’50s luuk thung star Ponsri Woranut.

BTS: National Stadium

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At A Glance

Average CD costs 200 baht
11am-9pm daily

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