Capital of Southern Burgundy

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Southern tip of Burgundy

Mâcon sits on the right bank of the Saône River in the far south corner of Southern Burgundy. It borders Bresse to the east and Beaujolais to the south.

Mâcon gives its name to the nearby foothills – Les Mâconnais and a local wine area – Vignoble du Mâconnais.

The center of Mâcon is where you find tourist attractions. It’s also where you’ll find the office of tourism. About the only attraction outside the center is the Saint-Laurent Bridge that crosses over the Saône.

La Maison du Bois is the oldest house in Mâcon. Mâcon also has a former Cathedral – Cathédrale Vieux-Saint-Vincent de Mâcon, built between the 11th and 14th centuries. A ‘new’ church was built in 1860 Saint-Pierre that is similar to Saint-Vincent in that both have two bell towers.

If you need to do shopping or fill up your tank there are shopping centers south and north of Mâcon on the N6 National Road.

Mâcon has two exits on the A6 Autoroute, Mâcon-nord and Mâcon-sud. Mâcon-sud gives you access to the N79 road that runs to Charolles and Paray-le-Monial.

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