Mâcon – Wooden House

La Maison du Bois

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Oldest house in Mâcon

Built in wood, hence the name, between 1490 and 1510. La Maison du Bois is next to Place aux Herbes. A nice tree lined square where locals go to relax and unwind.

Today La Maison du Bois houses a bistro style cafe/restaurant. Restaurant on the first level or weather permitting you can sit out in Place aux Herbes and enjoy good food and La Maison du Bois‘ wonderful facade.

La Maison du Bois is on rue Dombey. A trendy pedestrian only street in the center of Mâcon, with plenty of shops. Place aux Herbes has parking but spaces go quick. Alternative parking nearby.

La Maison du Bois was restored in 2011. There is a market in Place aux Herbes, Tuesday through Saturday mornings.

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At A Glance

13 Place aux Herbes 71000 Mâcon France
Meals €15-€30, drinks €2-€7


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