Luza Square

including Sponza Palace, Orlando's Column and St Blaise Church

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Luza Square sits at the end of Stradun and consists of Sponza Palace, Orlando’s Column and St Blaise’s Church. For a descent cup of coffee and a terrace over looking the square try Gradska Kavana Arsenal, right next to the church.

Sponza Palace

Built between 1516-1522, Sponza is one of the most beautiful palaces in Dubrovnik which has been preserved in its original Renaissance and Gothic form.

Here you’ll find the State Archives which contain a collection of manuscripts. The displays are haphazardly put together and there aren’t many English translations. Inside the front entrance there’s the Memorial Room of the Defenders of Dubrovnik which houses black-and-white photographs of the men who lost their lives during the war.

Orlando’s Column

Today mainly used as a game for boys to see who can get their basketball onto the top platform of the structure, Orlando’s Column was carved in 1417 and features the form of a knight, none other than Orlando.

According to legend Orlando and his fleet saved Dubrovnik from a 15 month long Saracen siege. To express their gratitude, the grateful citizens erected the column in Orlando’s honour.

St Blaise’s Church

You’ll find St Blaise’s head all over the city and this impressive church built in Baroque style is dedicated to that very man – the patron saint of Dubrovnik.
Inside there’s  a richly decorated baroque interior and St Blaise holding a model of Dubrovnik, as it stood before the Great Earthquake.

At A Glance

Luza Square

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