Lutyens Bungalow

An original Lutyens bungalow

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When New Delhi was designed, a deliberate decision was made to provide suitable housing for those who would work in the new capital. A bungalow design was chosen but not the small cheap buildings that the modern version might suggest. They were quite palatial and set in extensive grounds.

This guesthouse is one of them. Most rooms at the very pleasant Lutyens Bungalow face the garden where there’s a swimming pool and trees for lazing under or just enjoying an end-of-the-day beer. This is a place for meeting fellow travellers, swapping travel plans and telling tall tales. Round the corner from Lodi Gardens this is a very quiet part of Delhi in which to stay.

PS Lutyens was one of the main architects of New Delhi but these bungalows (an Indian word) were the work of his colleague Herbert Baker.

Metro: Jor Bagh on Line 2

At A Glance

39, Prithviraj Road,
Delhi Delhi 110011
(11) 2461 1341

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