Luna Park

Historic harbourside amusement park

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The big smiling face (in various incarnations) at the gate of Luna Park on the harbour’s edge beneath the northern end of the Harbour Bridge has been a Sydney icon since 1935. 

Entry is free, but most rides will cost extra. Little kids like the carousel and Coney Island, bigger kids prefer the high-octane rides like the Wild Mouse roller coaster and the Flying Saucer. Everybody likes hanging upside down in mid air as the Rotor’s floor drops away. 

Rides cost $10 each, but there are a number of passes available that give unlimited rides starting at around $20 if you buy online, and are even cheaper on Modays outside of school holidays. 

For little kids the $10 Coney Island Pass gives unlimited entry to historic Coney Island, an authentic 1930s fun house, which has half a dozen rides suitable for smaller kids (and adults who no longer enjoy being spun about) and several slides.

At A Glance

Luna Park
Milsons Point NSW
Entry free, rides cost extra.
Mon 11-6, Fri & Sat 11-11, Sun 10-6. Closed Tues-Thurs except in school holidays.


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