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Lubián (pop. 400) is a lively little town with an albergue — pilgrims report it only has one toilet without a lock — and some private lodging, including the great Bar Javi.

As you make your way through town, you’ll no doubt notice an interesting concrete fountain decorated with wolf heads. The reason? This area used to have a large wolf population, and the local menfolk created numerous inventive traps in which to snare them so their livestock would be spared.


Ask for directions to the town’s famous old wolf trap. It’s a stone structure on the outskirts of town, and one of just two such surviving structures in the region.


You are 484 mi (778.9 km) from Sevilla and 141.9 mi (228.4 km) from Santiago.

This town offers the following services: bar-restaurants, lodging, supermarket

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