Lubenice & Valun

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To say that Lubenice is a medieval hamlet is an understatement. Perched atop a cliff some 378 meters above sea level, this semi-deserted village has two streets that snake their way through the stone houses and churches. There is a school, however no one under age 65 lives here.

What makes Lubenice so special is just below the village lies one of Kvarner’s most deserted and beautiful beaches in a secluded cove that can only be reached on foot or by boat. You can get to the beach via a steep path through scrub, but keep in mind that while the 45 minute plus descent might be relatively easy, it’s the climb back up the cliff that’s the challenge.

Even in the hottest conditions, the path is worth the effort but you can visit via boat from Cres Town or Valun and you won’t get the steep ascent, but you won’t get the joys of Lubenice village either. I’ll leave the choice up to you.

During the summer, the Cres Town tourist centre organises Lubenice Musical Evenings with classical outdoor concerts held in the village.


Valun is a picturesque seaside village made up of fishermen and farmers, which just happens to be situated between two pebbly beaches, perfect for swimming. The beaches are surrounded by pine trees which also makes them the perfect place to take a shaded nap.

The village is known for the Valun Tablet which today can be found in the parish Church of Saint Mark. The tablet dates back to the 11th century, making it one of the oldest Glagolitic monuments ever found. The script on the tablet is in Glagolitic and Latin and hence a testament that the island was inhabited by Romans and newcomers who spoke Croatian.

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