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Technically a part of the Istrian coastline, Lovran is the natural end to the Lungomare coastal walking path.

You won’t find the nightlife or built up tourism industry of neighbour Opatija, rather a charming little town with some great pebble beaches that are never annoyingly busy.

Your starting point is the main square in Lovran’s Old Town. The buildings here a bit worse for wear but their character makes up for their appearance with photographers finding inspiration and architectural surprises behind every corner.  You’ll know the square by the yellow bell tower of the Church of Saint Juraj.

There are still many Austro-Hungarian villas here, but most of these have now been converted to hotels of which the simple Villa Eugenia, built in 1910 and located on the Lungomare is my pick. If your budget allows go with a room with a balcony and sea view.

For the gourmet, the must dine restaurant in the area is Draga di Lovrana. This is actually a hotel with an amazing haute-cuisine restaurant attached. With sensational views of the bay and sumptuous dishes prepared from local delicacies, the experience isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth it and sure to be remembered forever.

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