Louisville Slugger Museum

A Major League Hit

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You’ll know you are at the right place as you walk down the street and see the six-story bat leaning up against the building. Hard to miss something that weighs 68,000 pounds. As the Official Bat of Major League Baseball, Louisville Slugger has been crafting their baseball bats since 1884. Tour the factory and watch how it’s done, then tour the museum and see what these bats have done for the game of baseball. They have a short film called “The Heart of the Game” which features some of the greatest hits made with Louisville Slugger bats. Visit the gift shop too for your chance to take your own bat home.

At A Glance

800 W Main St.
Louisville KY
Lower admission fee for students, seniors and groups. Kids under 5 are Free.
Hours vary, check website or call for exact hours. No bat production on Sunday.

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