Lotrscak Tower

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Lotrscak Tower was built in the 13th century to protect the southern city gate and was originally part of the city’s defenses. Later it was used as a prison but today you can climb the tower for a 360-degree view of the city, which I think is better than the Zagreb Eye. However, there’s no lift here. Inside there’s a nice art gallery and gift shop.

The Gric Cannon is fired from the tower every day at noon. There are many versions of the story but most say it’s to commemorate one day in the mid-15th century, when the cannon was fired at noon at the Turks, who were camped across the Sava River.

Here the stories change. Some say the cannonball happened to hit a live chicken, the feathers flew and this was so upsetting to the Turks that they decided not to attack the city.

Another version says that the cannonball hit a platter of chicken that was being carried to the Pasha for his lunch. The Pasha thought the Croats were good shots and decided against attacking a city.

You make up your own mind, it’s well worth the climb.

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Lotrscak Tower
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