Los Muertos Beach

This is the place for Mexican fun in the sun

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Don’t let the name put you off. No one really knows why it is called Playa Los Muertos, the beach of the Dead, but one story makes reference to an uprising that left many silver miners dead on the beach, while another claims this was a ceremonial burial ground. Whatever the story, there’s nothing dead about this beach today.

No matter what day of the week you visit, this is a busy place. The part of the beach that is actually Los Muertos begins at Daiquiri Dicks, at Venustiano Carranza and runs to the south end of the beach.

Water sports are abundant – take a parachute ride over the ocean, try out the Jet Boots to walk on water, rent a kayak or a surfboard or a standup body board.

It’s busy fun. Vendors will pester you to buy jewelry, carvings, or sarongs, or they will want to give you a massage or a tattoo. They are all friendly, and they will just quietly move on if you tell them a firm no, but there are some good bargains to be had from them. You will also be offered shrimp or fish on a stick, fresh oysters, or dishes of fruit.

The beach is clean, the water is generally pretty warm, but there can be some undertow, so take care.

Stake out a spot on the pier to watch the sunset, or find a table in the sand and get ready for one of the finest pink and red sunsets ever.

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