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Note: Long Island sustained considerable damage and loss in 2015’s Hurricane Joaquin. Resort and other operations are recovering and should be largely functional for the 2016 tourist season, but call ahead to resorts.

First of all, any resemblance to the one in New York is purely name-wise. This couldn’t be further removed from big-city vibes, which makes it a great balance to spending time in Nassau.

Bahamasair, Pineapple Air, and Southern Air provide airlift between Nassau and its airport at Deadman’s Cay.

Eighty driveable miles in length, it stretches from its relatively big resorts at Stella Maris in the north to its less-discovered south end, where pretty Clarence Town and its churches and famous nearby blue hole make it worth a visit.

Besides its natural features – its blue hole and caves — it has some historic interest, including plantation ruins. Of course, it offers fishing, diving, and other water sports that take advantage of its swirly blue-green waters.

Perhaps its greatest treasure, however, is the old arts and lifestyles kept alive – hand-plaited straw, shellwork, carving, storytelling, goat-rearing, and other types of farming. If you want to explore the whole island, Long Island Breeze Resort in Salt Pond is a good central place to station yourself.

Don’t miss conch salad and “sip sip” (the Bahamian word for gossip) at Max’s Conch Bar & Grill minutes from the airport.

Flight time from Nassau to Long Island is about an hour.

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