Logan Pass

Stand where waters divide at Logan Pass.

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Sculpted peaks spill into broad wildflower meadows at Logan Pass. Mountain goats trip along cliffs, and bighorn sheep graze. No wonder this pass is the most popular place to visit in Glacier National Park.

At 6,646 feet, the pass marks the apex of Going-to-the-Sun Road. At the sign marking the crossing of the Continental Divide, visitors cluster for photos.

The small visitor center houses a few exhibits, a Glacier Conservancy bookstore and restrooms, but no food services. Outside the visitor center, short paved walkways loop past interpretive displays with several geared for kids.

Departing from Logan Pass, two ultra-popular trails explore the Continental Divide. The trail to Hidden Lake Overlook launches above the visitor center. Across the road, the Highline Trail strikes out for a top-of-the-world walk along the Garden Wall to Granite Park Chalet.

Historic red tour buses stop at the pass, and shuttles disgorge riders coming from the east and west. Cars pack the parking lot full 9 am to 4 pm. Go early or late for fewer crowds. Because the pass is open 24/7, it is a place for night sky watching.

The pass opens spring through early October. Annual spring opening depends on weather, snowplowing and road construction.

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Logan Pass
Glacier National Park Montana

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