Logan Pass Stargazing

You can even see the Milky Way

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At night, the sky above Logan Pass lights up with stars. It’s the place to go to do a little stargazing and see the Milky Way. Its high elevation with minimal light pollution makes it a top-notch locale for viewing the night sky.

A self-guided stargazing night may linger long in your memory.  After dusk, pull out your binoculars and watch at stars pop out one by one. Scan the night sky for stars, watch satellites, look for planets, and wait. On clear nights a few hours after dark, the Milky Way spreads out across the sky.

With Going-to-the-Sun Road open 24/7 in summer and fall, you can drive up before dusk. The parking lot begins to thin around 5 pm, which makes a less stressful visit. You can easily pull into a parking spot. Then, hang out as long as you want.

To make your trip more enjoyable, pack layers so you can ward off the cooler night air. Also, bring your own binoculars or telescopes. After dark, face away from any potential car lights, and try to avoid using flashlights. Instead, let your eyes adjust to the darkness for better star viewing. Avoid nights around the full moon as moonlight inhibits seeing so many stars.


At A Glance

Going-to-the-Sun Road
Logan Pass Montana 59936


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