Locorotondo, Puglia

The Balcony of Puglia

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Locorotondo, near Martina Franca, is sometimes called the balcony of Puglia because of the great views of the countryside dotted with trulli.The small historic center, round in shape, is pleasant to walk through and has several churches and good examples of Baroque architecture. It’s a peaceful escape from the crowds in nearby Alberobello.

Recommended places to eat are Trattoria Centro Storico and Taverna del Duca. Both are small restaurants in the historic center that serve local, traditional dishes of Puglia. Taverna del Duca, listed on Slow Food, has a menu that changes daily so you’re sure to get what’s fresh and in season and a little terrace for outside dining. Especially recommended are antipasti and the orecchiette pasta.

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