Lion Group on Geyser Hill

With a roar, the Lion blows...

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In the Upper Geyser Basin, water boils to the surface of Geyser Hill where it shoots from multiple cones. If you walk the boardwalk to the west end of the hill, you’ll see a platform that contains the four geysers of the Lion Group, some of which sport frequent eruptions.

The plumbing system of the four cone geysers in the Lion Group links underground. Lion Geyser is the biggest and has the most frequent eruptions, which usually happen in a series. Listen for a roar (hence its name) that signals an upcoming eruption along with a blast of steam. Then, water spews as high as 90 feet. Its eruptions last for a short one-minute burst or up to seven minutes.

Three smaller geysers—Lioness, Big Cub, and Little Cub—complete the group. Lioness and Big Cub rarely erupt, but when Lioness does, water spurts up to 30 feet. Little Cub spits about 10 feet high every 30-90 minutes and sometimes burbles in anticipation of Lion Geyser erupting.

Stop at Old Faithful Visitor Education Center for information on the Lion Geyser Group. Consult the boardwalk maps for the exact location on Geyser Hill.

At A Glance

Geyser Hill in Upper Geyser Basin
Old Faithful Wyoming 82190


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