Nice's next door neighbour

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Liguria is the small crescent shaped Province of Italy adjoining the French Riviera and reaching round to Tuscany. It is often known as the Italian Riviera.

Nice’s Close Connection

What, I hear my readers asking, is Liguria doing here on a page about about Nice and the Arrière Pays Niçois? Good question!

Up till about 1860 the County of Nice was part of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardina which included Liguria and as a result Nice has very close connections with its neighbour even today.

Don’t Miss Ventimiglia Market!

There are four interesting places to visit listed  below which are right at the western end of Liguria. They are so close to Nice, and so accessible, that it would be a shame to miss them whilst in the area!

Ventimiglia  and its renowned Market
Hanbury Gardens
San Remo

Enjoy this little taste of Liguria! If you would to know more about this wonderful region next door to France why not check out our  Italian Riviera  page.

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