Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail

Walk, bike and learn on the Discovery Trail and Boardwalk

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The Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail and boardwalk runs from Long Beach (at the Breakers Resort area) south to Ilwaco, Washington. The 8.5-mile Discovery Trail follows the beach and dunes through the Long Beach and Seaview areas and then, farther south, heads into wooded lands and terminates in the fishing village of Ilwaco.

Since the main part of the trail is paved with 10 – 12 foot paths, bicyclists and walkers can co-exist and have a great time. It’s also a great place to walk your dog (on a leash of course).

One of the best places to access the trail is at the Adrift Hotel area on Sid Snyder as there is a restroom, plenty of parking and the beautiful boardwalk to enjoy. The actual northern trail head, which has less parking, can be found adjacent to the Breakers Resort.

The trail is named for Lewis and Clark’s explorations in the area more than 200 years ago and so you’ll find several interesting bronze sculptures along the path that commemorate the expedition in addition to other public art and a grey whale skeleton. It keeps things interesting.

This is a beautiful trail which allows for great views of the ocean, dunes and woods and provides glimpses into the time and events of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Keep an eye out for birds and, at dusk, you may even see a herd of elk south of the Adrift Hotel.

Map of the Discovery Trail

At A Glance

409 Sid Snyder Blvd
Long Beach 98631


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