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There are nightclubs on the French Riviera and then there is Les Caves du Roy.

This temple to hedonism is the vanguard for chic and glamorous night life on the French Riviera, located in the equally iconic Byblos hotel.

It’s renowned for its DJ spinning modern music, expensive pours, over the top lights and decor, and A-list guests who line up to indulge in summertime dance parties that go ’til dawn.

Entrance is not guaranteed. The bouncers select people from the line so if it’s on your bucket list to get in, dress to impress. Really, leave your stained denim, baseball caps, and beach clothes at the hotel and put on the designer duds and high heels.

But don’t take it personally if you’re waiting in line all night. It’s happened to the best of us.

It’s Les Caves. It’s their party and they can make us cry if they want to.

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At A Glance

20, Avenue Paul-Signac
April-October; 11PM-6AM

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