Lemp Mansion

St. Louis Brewing History

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Once the largest brewery in St. Louis, the Lemp family name was one of power and prestige in the city from the 1850s until Prohibition devastated the fortune.

This was the family home, built in the 1860s, and an abnormally high number of family members died within its walls under self-inflicted or mysterious circumstances, and some say their spirits have not left.

Haunted tours are on Monday evenings and cost $35, which includes drinks and appetizers.

You can also spend the night after learning about where the ghosts hang out. There are five lovely guest suites that go for $180 to $475 per night.

Or just enjoy lunch or dinner at the restaurant, come for a murder mystery dinner theatre, or a Halloween party that you won’t soon forget.


At A Glance

3322 DeMenil Place
St. Louis
(314) 664-8024
and up depending on what you participate in.


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