Le Saint Georges restaurant

Provincial French cuisine

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Billed as a bar and tapas, this provincial French food restaurant is a treat.  Much loved by expats who appreciate dishes from nominated south west and eastern provinces of their homeland.

Located toward the Central Market end of Street 136 at No. 111.

All French dishes on the menu, all mouth watering and authentic.  A favorite is the duck confit:  duck leg section marinated in its own juices, served with green beans and potato wedges prepared in goose fat (US$14.50 if the chef can source duck from France, US$11.50 if the duck is from Thailand.)  Served with bread.

Another delight is the Chorizo grillé with ratatouille and sauteed potato (US$11.50) plus a Torres Corona (US$4.50) or two.  A glass of excellent GSM red wine from Chile or Australia is US$4. Booking recommended.  Vive La France.

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#111, Street 136, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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